Greg Oden has found him a new home in South Beach

greg-odenYea that’s right!  Greg Oden is signing to the Miami Heat.

To me, I think he will be a good fit for Miami for the following reasons:

1. He’s a true big man at 7ft tall.  This will only make Miami better especially since they lack size(their biggest player is Chris Bosh).

2. He plays very good defense on-and-off the ball(averaged 2.3 blocks a game in his 21 games with Portland back in 2009).  This will make Miami’s defense even more stifling.

3. He takes high-efficiency shots(60.5 FG percentage in 2009).

4. He grabs a lot of boards(rebounds for those who don’t understand basketball lingo).

Yea I know Miami’s taking a chance with him especially since he didn’t since 2009, but I don;t think its a bad risk either.  Let’s face it!  What is the Heat losing in this deal?  He’s not getting a max contract or anything.  He only getting the veteran’s minimum and he’s only signing for two years with a players option for the second year.  Not bad right…

I just want to see how well he will hold up during the season.  I think he will do well.

Good luck Oden!


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