Jets shine in season opener against the Bills, winning, 48-28

All doubts can be left in the past, as the New York Jets, beat the Buffalo Bills,48-28, at MetLife stadium yesterday.

Mark Sanchez was excellent in the season opener, going 19-of-27, 266 passing yards, and three touchdowns.  Continue reading

Yankee Derek Jeter is on track for 200 hits this season

Yes you read correctly.  New York Yankees SS Derek Jeter will reach the 200 hit-club by the end of the season.

Jeter, at age 38, has been playing his best game of baseball this year then compared to his last two seasons in the MLB.  Everything seems to be back to normal for him.  Others seem to think differently though.  Continue reading

Paul George throws down insane 360, through-the-legs dunk

Talk about crazy hops. Indiana Pacers guard Paul George just put his name back in the ballot for next years dunk contest.  Even Lebron James jumped out of his seat ecstatically.

How did George manage to get enough hang time to pull that off is beyond me.  It just shows he has crazy athleticism.  Then again he did jump over and dunked on his teammate Roy Hibbert in practice, and he stands an easy 7’2″.

Jets looking real shaky this Preseason

Is it me or is the New York Jets looking suspect the past three games?  It’s not like these are real important games that decide if they make the playoffs or not.  But still, can you guys show some type of progress or consistency?

I know the fans of the Jets are irate.  Its like the just can’t get a win even if it was handed to them.  They lost to the Carolina Panthers 17-12.yesterday.  Continue reading

Steve Nash is officially a Laker

Veteran point guard, Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns, has agreed to a sign-and-trade deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Can Kobe and Nash coexist?

The trade gives the Suns four draft picks (two first-round picks for 2013 and 15′ draft and two second-round picks for the 2014 and 15′ draft) and $3 million in cash considerations from the Lakers.  Continue reading